The MOSSI brand is nourished by artistic collaborations and artisanal know-how. Each season, the designer articulates the history of his collection around an artistic partnership. 

In 2019 the prints in the collection reproduced the textile sculptures of Simone Phelpin. In 2020, the Kufic and cursive writing of calligrapher Hassan Massoudy inspires the movements and colors of the new collection. And we have collaborated with Korean artist Lee Bae for the year 2021.

FW20 collection in collaboration with Simone Phelpin.

MOSSI is an ethical ready-to-wear brand designed in a spirit of integration and sharing.

MOSSI silhouettes evoke the rigor and aesthetics of tailoring. Each creation is the result of a long reflection on texture and volume. Like an architect, Mossi plays with the space given to him. He creates movement on inertia and fixes it with plays of drapery and pleats.



SS21 collection in collaboration with Hassan Massoudy

002 Mossi.jpg

Collection FW21 in collaboration with Lee Bae